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Coconut Cream

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Coconut Cream is the pure extraction of liquid from coconut meat. Combined with natural stabilizers and UHT-processing (ultra-high temperature), the freshness and natural flavor of the newly squeezed coconut milk are immaculately preserved. The UHT process technology produces coconut cream with superb flavor and is an excellent alternative to retort-processed coconut milk in cans. 

Pack Size : 400 mL 

Ramli Foods is a leading supplier of high-quality coconut cream, providing businesses in need of this versatile ingredient with a premium and dependable source. We are proud to provide coconut cream that meets the highest quality, taste, and consistency standards as a dependable supplier. The freshest and most flavorful coconuts are used in the production of our Coconut Cream. We carefully extract the creamy portion of the coconut, which gives dishes a silky, velvety texture that gives them depth and richness.

We do recognize the significance of quality control, our Coconut Cream is subjected to stringent testing and quality assurance procedures. To guarantee a premium product, we strictly adhere to food safety and hygiene practices throughout the extraction, packaging, and selection of coconuts. As a Coconut Cream Supplier, we offer different bundling choices to suit the particular requirements of our clients.

Our coconut cream comes in cans and tetra packs, making it easy to store, transport, and use in professional kitchens and food production facilities. Whether you're an eatery, pastry kitchen, sweet shop, or any food-related business, our Coconut Cream is an ideal choice. Choose us as your Coconut Cream Supplier and partake in the comfort, quality, and dependability that we bring to your business.

To discuss your requirements and experience the excellence that has established us as a respected brand in the sector, get in touch with us right away.