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Evaporated Filled Milk

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Ramli's Evaporated milk is specially formulated to give distinctively creamy and delightful taste when added into your favourite beverages. It is the perfect substitute for regular milk in coffee or tea or other beverages. It is also suitable as an ingredient to make desserts, pastries and ice creams.










Availble in three standards specifications, covering the majority of the markets.

1) Evaporated Milk 170 G
Packing : 48 Tins Per Carton
Load Ability : 2200 Cartons /20' FCL


2) Evaporated Milk 400 G
Packing : 48 Tins per 20'FCL 
Load Ability : 1020 Cartons /20' FCL




Shelf life: 12 months. 




Start Your Mornings with The Best Evaporated Filled Milk With Ramli

Do you want a kick start to your day with the best quality milk as a breakfast? Then select the Ramli's evaporated filled milk. But why us? Because we are one of the biggest Malaysia evaporated filled milk suppliers in the world. No other evaporated filled milk can compete with our evaporated milk. What makes our evaporated milk distinguished and popular?


Our evaporated filled milk is specially prepared with all the mandatory regulations of various food certifications. Our evaporated filled milk is formulated to provide its consumer with the best creamy texture and luscious taste when they'll add it to their food, beverages or if consumed orally. It's perfect to make any food like ice-creams, pastries and desserts healthier and tastier.


Our evaporated filled milk is safe, hygienic and 100% authentic made with the milk of high-quality pastured cow. Our evaporated filled milk is completely free from any added food colour, harmful preservatives and unhealthy fats. Therefore, it is completely safe for use for infants. If you use our evaporated filled milk, you'll find it creamy, rich in taste and aroma.


As we are a renowned evaporated filled milk exporter, our evaporated filled milk is accessible with top-level packaging options that ensure the safety of the product inside. Just like our other products our evaporated filled milkis vacant in two different packing options. Our 170 gm pack is available in 48 tins per carton packaging with a loading capacity of 2200 cartons per 20'FCL. Another packaging option is 400 gm packets in 48 tins per carton with a loading ability of 1020 cartons per 20'FCL.


Our evaporated filled milk is, therefore, an amazing option that assures both taste and hygiene. Our evaporated filled milk has a shelf life of up to 12 months from its manufacturing date. If you want to replace your regular mill with anything else, do opt for Ramli's best quality evaporated filled milk. Approach us now to get a packet full of nutrition with Ramli's evaporated filled milk.