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Our Margarine has a great fruity flavor, making it tasty bread spread for everyday meals. It is suitable for baking your favorite breads and cookies, also for cooking vegetables.


Packaging Type : 250gr in Sachet, 4 kg in Pail, 10 kg in Pail, 15kg Carton

Our Multipurpose Margarine can be used to enhance the flavour and texture of your favourite breads and cookies. Additionally, cooking vegetables with our margarine is a great way to add flavour and achieve the desired consistency. Ramli's Margarine is available in a variety of packaging options to meet the needs of different customers. For buyer use, we offer 250g sachets, which are advantageous and simple to utilise.

They are available in 60-sachet cartons, ensuring that your family will have enough. We offer larger sizes, such as 4 kg pails, 10kg pails, and 15kg cartons, for industrial and bakery applications. The production of food and commercial baking benefit greatly from these larger quantities. Our Margarine is carefully bundled to guarantee newness and quality.

The sachets are pressed in containers, and the buckets and containers are intended for simple dealing with and capacity. The load ability varies with the size of the packaging, allowing for flexibility in meeting various volume requirements. The 12-month shelf life of Ramli's Margarine guarantees its long-lasting freshness and flavour. BONY, our brand, is well-known for its flavour and high quality.

We also offer OEM branding, which lets you customise it to meet your specific needs. Choose us as your Margarine Supplier. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about Ramli's Margarine and how it can enhance your culinary creations.