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Ramli Global SDN is a professional and international standard beverage manufacturer and Energy Drink supplier from Vietnam. Our Energy drinks are highly popular among buyers all over the world. The perfect nutrients of the drink boost blood circulation to the brain, stress, and fatigue, helping us be more alert and active. The presence of caffeine and taurine makes it the right energy drink. The high-quality ingredients are in the right proportion making energy drink with excellent delicious taste. It will surely satisfy you. The product assists the body to replenish water, vitamins, and minerals, helping to dispel thirst and feelings of tiredness. The product does not have chemical sugar and does not contain damaging chemicals, making sure for the best level of safety for users.

Energy drink is a kind of drink that enhances blood circulation to the brain, reduce stress, fatigue, help us be more alert and active because it contains caffeine and taurine In order to promote the effectiveness of our products, we have applied formulas with the right proportions and high-quality ingredients, along with modern and large-scale production line technology to create Mr30 energy drink with outstanding delicious taste, It will surely satisfy you. 


Brand Name MR30
Certification FDA, HACCP, HALAL, ISO
Logistics Information Hai Phong, Viet Nam
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiation
Packaging Aluminum can
Specification 24 cans/carton
Payment Options L/C, T/T, 
Place of Origin Vietnam
Primary Ingredient Water, sugar , mix fruit flavor, cafein
Selling point Free Label Design, Private Label
Shelf Life 24 Months
Volume 250ml

Our provided Energy drinks as Energy Drink Suppliers from Vietnam, are designed to increase your energy level, alertness, and concentration. People of all backgrounds consume them, and their popularity is growing. Energy drinks from us at Ramli Global SDN, as Energy Drink Suppliers, increase consciousness, wakefulness, and performance. Along with that our product also offers an array of additional uses:

Standardized caffeine amount -

Each can of our energy drinks contains a standardised amount of caffeine. Consumers, for even the most part, know precisely how much caffeine they are consuming, which is beneficial for those attempting to safely handle their caffeine habit.

Fast caffeine delivery -

Because fizzy drinks are served cold, they can be devoured much faster than coffee, which is typically sipped due to its high heat. Caffeine enters the bloodstream faster when consumed quickly.

Variety of flavors -

Because the flavour of coffee and tea does not resonate with everyone, energy drinks from Energy Drink Suppliers Exporter like us, are useful for people who want a caffeine boost but do not enjoy coffee or tea. Energy drinks are available in a wide range of flavours and options.

Refreshing -

Our energy drinks are provided cold and carbonated, which makes them uplifting to the consumer. This tends to make them more attractive to many people than other caffeinated beverages, which are typically consumed hot and with a dairy product.

Faster recovery post-workout - Due to the obvious caffeine and carbs in our energy drinks, athletes can recover from exercise more quickly. Many sportsmen favour a cold and light beverage to a hot or creamy one after an exercise.