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Refined Glycerin is a clear, colorless, viscous, odorless and hygroscopic liquid. It is multi-purpose and ideal for use in personal care, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, paint and coating, inks and other industrial use.


Steel/ HDPE Drum



Our offered Glycerine at Ramli Global SDN is a non-toxic, transparent, viscous, water-soluble fluid with a high boiling point found including both vegetable and animal fat content. Chemically, our product behaves like alcohol, and that can be reactive in certain circumstances, but it is usually and almost always stable when you buy it from a genuine Malaysia Glycerine Exporter in Malaysia, like us.

 Our Glycerine could be utilized in various sectors of the industry including:

 Soap -

 Our provided Glycerine as a Glycerine Supplier In Malaysia is a component in several soaps, but soapmaking is also a method of producing glycerine. Chemists will sometimes create industrially manufactured soap in order to produce glycerine, the advertisement name for glycerol.

 Beauty Products -

Glycerine is a popular component in moisturising beauty products such as lotions, conditioners, and hair products because it is a humectant, which means it can entice and bind humidity to it. Glycerine, which is found in shampoos that cure dandruff and itchy scalp, can keep the hair from drying out and splitting.

Industrial applications -

 Our provided Glycerine is sometimes used as an extremely cold medium for sperm, red blood cells, and other residing tissues.

Glycerine has a wide range of industrial applications. For example, used to be the primary element in antifreeze, but it's been increasingly supplanted by other chemical compounds that don't taste as delightful and, as a result, don't entice and kill animals when splashed on the ground.

Glycerine from us as a Glycerine Supplier is an important component of paints and resins used to coat items such as wires.