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Everything You Should Know About Soap Noodles

Soap Noodle

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01 Jun 2023

Soap noodles are the most important raw materials for the production of all kinds of soap used. Soap noodles are formed by the saponification process of coconut oil, palm oil, or animal fats producing salts of fatty acid. These soap noodles are purchased by soap manufacturers and unique fragrances, pigments, and other necessary components are added to them to make the soap products of the particular manufacturer different from other brands. You can find soap noodles in a wide range of colors. There are various specifications for soap noodles, depending on the type of soap to be produced, for example- laundry soaps, toilet soaps, high-lather soaps, medicated soaps, translucent soaps, etc. and there are also many applications of soap noodles.


Types Of Soap Noodles:


The categorization of soap noodles generally depends on their synthesis method &raw material used and their uses. The types of soap noodles on the basis of the synthesis method are-


• Palm oil saponification noodles

• Palm fatty acid noodles

• Tallow (animal fat) fatty acid noodles

• Tallow (animal fat) oil saponification noodles


The type of soap noodles on the basis of their uses are-


• Industrial soap noodles (used in textile industries)

• Toilet soap noodles (used for manufacturing toilet soaps like bathing soaps and hand washes)

• Multipurpose soap noodles (used for manufacturing body wash, hand wash, and detergents)

• Customized soap noodles (used for manufacturing medicated soaps)


How Are Soap Noodles Manufactured?


The reaction of palm fatty acids with sodium hydroxide forms non-uniform cylindrical shape soap noodles. Soap noodle manufacturers blend these products in the specified ratio to get the best results. They can also receive product orders with specific requests and can manufacture customized soap noodles in different ratios as per specifications provided by customers.


Soap noodles can be manufactured from the neutralization of fatty acid, saponification of neutral fats & oils, and saponification of methyl esters. In most of the South East Asian Countries, soap noodles are majorly prepared from palm oil and blended with coconut oil and palm kernel oil. However, in India, for making soap noodles palm fatty acid distillate is commonly used in place of palm stearin. In China, manufacturers produce soap noodles from animal fats (tallow) or palm oil, or a blend of the two.


Different Uses Of Soap Noodles:


As mentioned above, soap noodles are the primary ingredients in bar soap production. They are extensively used for making toilet soap, laundry soap, and multi-purpose soap products. One can reheat the soap noodles to melt them and add its favorite fragrance, pigments, and other skincare ingredients to make soap products.


• Laundry soap Noodles - Laundry soap noodles are commonly used to make low-priced laundry soaps. These soap noodles are prepared using cheaper palm oils with less amount of oil content than toilet soaps. Laundry soap noodles are produced with sodium silicate and kaolin since these two add the required hardness to the laundry soap noodles. Proper hardness is very essential while preparing laundry bar soaps.

• Multi-Purpose Soap Noodles - Multipurpose soap noodles are used for manufacturing multi-purpose soap products, which are less expensive than other soaps since multi-purpose soap products can be used for washing clothes, bathing, hand washing purposes instead of purchasing different products for different needs.

Toilet Soap Noodles - Toilet soap noodles are used to prepare bathing soaps and hand washes. These noodles are costlier as compared to other soap noodles because they have higher oil content.

The price of the soap noodles varies based on different qualities and combinations. With the availability of a number of brands in the market that claim to provide the best quality soap noodles, it is quite difficult to choose the right one. There are many companies in Malaysia that are supplying awesome quality soap noodles to various parts of the world. You can choose one of the soap noodles suppliers in Malaysia to get the best soap noodles at the best price.

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